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Introduction: The Need to Expand Economic Opportunity

The pursuit of economic opportunity for all Americans is as important to the health of the country’s economy as it is to the strength of its democracy. The promise that hard work and determination will yield economic success is a central American ideal, but it has been called into question as secular economic forces and institutional changes have reshaped the American economy and had an uneven impact on Americans’ ability to prosper.

Climate Policy Enters Four Dimensions

David Keith (Harvard) and John Deutch (MIT) discuss mechanisms to manage climate risks, which they call the climate control mechanisms: emissions reduction, carbon dioxide removal (CDR), adaptation, and solar radiation modification (SRM). 

Keith Hennessey

KEITH HENNESSEY teaches Stanford MBA students about economic policy, American civics and the policy-making process. He also serves as the David Rubenstein Fellow at the George W. Bush Institute. He previously served as director of the National Economic Council for President George W. Bush.